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My first time using my Wolfgang Puck pot and the lid exploded in my hand as I placed it on my counter! I made a pot of sauce and was getting ready to stir I went to place the top on the counter and it exploded, glass everywhere and shavings of glass hit my arm and face. I only purchased the pots 3 weeks ago, from BJ's. No warning on the box. I hope the company and customer service will make good and rectify this problem. I am afraid to use my...
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I purchased the Wolfgang Puck Bistro Set. I had this set for about fifteen years. Today was making a fried egg for my 3 year old and as I lifted the glass lid the glass exploded. I have glass everywhere. I'm very upset as I can no longer use any of his glass lids now. The only thing left from the lid is the steel knob and the steel ring. Also, I am extremely lucky that my son was not in the kitchen when this happen. These glass lids are very...
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Anonymous Looks as if the lid being used is oversized for the pan it's covering. What most likely happened is you put the cold lid on the hot pan and instead of the metal rim underneath...

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  • It was a good product until the glass lid exploded