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Update by user Apr 23, 2016

I will write resolved as I am a honest costumer.From my experience the lid was larger.

Please use with care.Thank you.

Original review posted by user Apr 21, 2016

I purchased the Wolfgang Puck Bistro Set. I had this set for about fifteen years. Today was making a fried egg for my 3 year old and as I lifted the glass lid the glass exploded. I have glass everywhere. I'm very upset as I can no longer use any of his glass lids now. The only thing left from the lid is the steel knob and the steel ring. Also, I am extremely lucky that my son was not in the kitchen when this happen.

These glass lids are very dangerous and need to be fix as soon as possible. Sadly, I do not have the packing slip due to an item purchased so long ago. However, I feel that something should be done.

I will be throwing out all of the glass lids today. Items purchased on HSN.

Thank you

Photos attched.

This reviewer shared experience about "dangerous glass lid exploded" and wants this business to "to look into this issue as it is dangerous. also, if possible replace my glass lids with safer lids". The author is overall dissatisfied with Wolfgang Puck and uploaded picture s. He best about wolfgang puck bistro cookware from Wolfgang Puck was it was a good product until the glass lid exploded. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Looks as if the lid being used is oversized for the pan it's covering. What most likely happened is you put the cold lid on the hot pan and instead of the metal rim underneath the glass making contact with the hot pan the glass did causing it to shatter. This is user error, not the manufacturers fault.

to Anonymous #1148753

That may be the case.I thought of that however, explain the many who used the same product with the exact same size lid and the same thing happened to them?

Most glass lids have a little vent pinhole that prevents this explosion. I just would like people to be aware even if I placed a larger lid for a second to cover the pan.

Its Dangerous regardless of size.Thank you for your comment.

to Monica2016nyc #1148790

tension in the glass due to overheating from escaping heat on the sides. Clearly an user error .... take responsibility for your actions and don't blame someone else.

to Anonymous #1148822

Clearly, you just like to argue.Answer the question.

Well, no you can't.

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