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Exploded Wolfgang Puck lid
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My first time using my Wolfgang Puck pot and the lid exploded in my hand as I placed it on my counter! I made a pot of sauce and was getting ready to stir I went to place the top on the counter and it exploded, glass everywhere and shavings of glass hit my arm and face. I only purchased the pots 3 weeks ago, from BJ's. No warning on the box. I hope the company and customer service will make good and rectify this problem. I am afraid to use my... Read more

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Just got a instant flow programmable coffee maker. And it disentangle work keep getting error message. I called customer service and they were useless. Won't even honor the warranty. Shame on you for selling such rubbish. I will never buy anything from Wolfgang puck again after this experience. He doesn't stand behind his products. Total scam artist in my opinion I would be ashamed to show my face total disgrace. Read more

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Had a fall due to super polished floor at Spago Las Vegas and twisted my wrist. Told the waiter about the floor who smiled and said 'welcome to Vegas'. Told Twitter who replied asking for more info and they have ignored all further correspondance from me. Hand still hurting. Wolfgang Puck Twitter team couldn't care less.

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Brand new, green light comes on, everything locked in place, but will not start??? Motor turns, not locked up. Suspect appliance interlock in handle is defective. Maybe I'm not turning green button on the right way. Do you have to hold it down a certain way???? Brand new, green light comes on, everything locked in place, but will not start??? Brand new, green light comes on, everything locked in place, but will not start??? Brand new, green... Read more

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I received the 18 pc stainless steel cookware set for christmas 2015 .i have used both of telfon skillets like 4 times ,the same thing happened to both.The teflon is peelin off ,so i stopped using them .i would like a replacement ..

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I bought my pressure oven used its about 10x not it wont kept the pressure in. Called customer service n since its over a year old the is nothing they can do. I asked if i could buy a new o-ring they said it would cost around $200 im falled. Im never buying another one of his products again. In garbage with this n $300 down the drain.

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My Wolfgang Puck Glass Lid Exploded!!!!!
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I purchased the Wolfgang Puck Bistro Set. I had this set for about fifteen years. Today was making a fried egg for my 3 year old and as I lifted the glass lid the glass exploded. I have glass everywhere. I'm very upset as I can no longer use any of his glass lids now. The only thing left from the lid is the steel knob and the steel ring. Also, I am extremely lucky that my son was not in the kitchen when this happen. These glass lids are very... Read more

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I only had this 3qt fryer for 1 and 1/2yrs. The fryer quit getting hot. I bought this fryer through HSN. I contacted them as well. I NEED TO GET SOME TYPE OF RESTITUTION!!!! I tried to use the fryer and it refuses to get hot. I PAID A DEAR PRICE FOR THIS FRYER!!! MODEL#BDFR0070. I contacted an agent from the 800# that's on the use and care book. I was told that this item was discontinued. What the peaches and cream am I suppose to do? ... Read more

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I was cooking and then the lid just exploded when I putted on the side

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Review about Wolfgang Puck Covered Skillet from Sheridan, Colorado
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Glass top cover of our Wolfgang puck skillet exploded tonight while cooking Good Friday dinner . There's shattered glass everywhere. Totally pissed. Ordering pizza! Contacting Wolfgang Puck customer service Monday morning!! Read more

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